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Fuck. I fucked up again.
Nervous Excitement

I’m getting my belly button pierced today since it’s the first official day of spring break and I’m super nervous and excited. My mom and best friend are going with me. I really hope I don’t chicken out! Ill post a pic of it here an on the blog that I admin on as well after I get it done. :)

"How fascinating it is that there are millions of people all over the world who are wide awake at 4 am missing someone. And there are millions of people sound asleep at 4 am, with no idea that they’re being missed."
-(via tulswarbrick)
Reblog If You Can Take Off Your Bra Without Taking Your Shirt Off.








Girl’s are amazing

I think we broke the notes…

i feel like i’m reblogging history. “the post that broke the notes”



what the heLL

where is it

TV: *old couple arguing about screaming outside*and if it’s some homicidal maniac what are you gonna do? Run him over with your scooter?
Mom: of course YOU would!

I don’t know how much longer I can do this… I feel like my world is falling apart… I love you… I hope you know that. it’s never felt this real…. Like yea I have thought it but this time it’s worse then ever…sincerely yours

I hate you. I hate that you’re mr.enigma. I hate how you make me feel. I hate that your smile makes me smile like a fool even when I don’t want to. I hate that your mood is infectious. I hate how you are with them. I hate that even tho you’re an ass I still think you’re incredibly sweet. I hate that I’m jealous because of you. I hate the butterflies I get at just your name. I hate that you tossed us away like nothing. I hate that you seem to be permanently tattooed on my heart. I hate that you broke down my walls that took me years to build in a matter of day. I hate that you still haunt my dreams. I hate that I still care about you. I hate that you only see me as I friend when I can never be just a friend. I hate that you’re oblivious to all this. I hate that I can only say this when I’m drunk. I hate that I don’t hate you and never can.

She was the girl that wore too much makeup
Especially black eyeliner
It would smear under her eyes
She always had coral pink
Or fire engine red lipstick on
She always wore enough makeup
To cover up what she really looked like

She was the girl that generally wore oversized t-shirts
Or small little shirts that left little to the imagination
There was never an in between
She rarely wore anything other than heels
She hated being as short as she was
She never wore skirts or dressed
And she always got awkward and tense
When she was rewarded compliments

She was the girl that kept to herself
Even when talking to a group of people
She didn’t say much that wasn’t generic
Or vague
She never gave out personal things
Always kept her secrets to herself
She always had a saddened look on her face
Or a mysterious smirk that made you wonder
What exactly is was that was making her smile like that

She was that one girl that flirted with everybody
But never got into a relationship that lasted longer than two weeks
She had guys surrounding her
All wanting to be the one to change her habit of non-commitment
She was the girl that made everybody want to find out her secrets
Especially the one behind that smirk she constantly wore around
That shouted she knew something the rest of the world didn’t
And she was just waiting for everybody to find out exactly what it was

She was the girl that has mysterious marks on her body
She always covers them up with makeup and clothing
Making up excuses about where they came from
Saying it was an animal
Or cooking a accident when she got distracted
She always made it should innocent
Like it was no big deal
She didn’t want people to ask questions
So she tried to keep them covered

She was the girl that had so much pain
So much anger and hurt
So much sadness and confusion
That she kept bottled up inside
That one day the damn inside of her crumbled

She was the girl that was so overwhelmed
With the things she had buried and ignored
That she didn’t know what to do
So she did what she always did
But this time she went farther
Deeper and harder
She was lost and hurt and confused
She was miserable and didn’t know what else to do

She was the girl they found one the bathroom floor
Surrounded by a pool of her own blood
With burn marks littering her body
An empty bottle of pills lying beside her
and a cold lifeless body that once belonged to her

She was the girl that nobody truly knew
But everybody claimed they wish they had
That those who had tried to know her
Cried beside her grave as they lower her down

She was the girl that thought nobody would miss her
Thought that the world would be better without her
Swore that all she did was screw up peoples life
In reality
She was the girl that everybody missed
That had kept so many people alive and trying
She made people better and gave them something to smile about

She was the girl that never realized
Just how much she meant
To those who were her friends
As well to those who only saw her passing on the street
She was a light in the darkness for many
But she never realized it

She is the girl who will be forever missed

“The Girl”
2/16/14 8:40 pm